Inspiration + Humor = Christiaan Van Vuuren

Earlier today I stumbled upon Chris Hardwick’s Twitter profile, which then lead me to his blog site, The Nerdest. While scrolling through Chris’s posts I came across “The Quarantine Song”, about an Australian bloke named Christiaan Van Vuuren who has dubbed himself the Fully Sick Rapper. After reading his story and finding out more about Christiaan, I had to post about his situation; not only because of his creative videos on YouTube, but because this guy is using social networking to reach out to the world he is currently unable to be a part of.

Check out his first video below, then find him on all the social networks in the links above…

What an impressive and creative way to cope with a situation like this! I’m subscribed to and following all of Christiaan’s social networks now and am looking forward to keeping up with his progress… And I can’t wait to see more videos by him!

*March 24 is World TB Day! For more information about TB, check out


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