Local Search Marketing using Foursquare

This is why Foursquare is not only so flippin’ cool, but super important for companies:

Google maps and now Bing maps are showcasing Foursquare venues when people search locally…Google is starting to use the tips and shouts from Foursquare venues for citations about your business.  If you haven’t heard, citations are used in the rank algorithm.  This is why Yelp and Google Local reviews are so powerful and sought after.

Foursquare venue pages are ranking in search results.  It has your business name, address and again links to your Foursquare venue page which also has your phone number.

Read the rest of Chuck Reynolds’ article here.


2 responses to “Local Search Marketing using Foursquare

  1. Thx for the recognition Bob 🙂

  2. No problem, Chuck! Thank you for commenting and writing such great articles. 🙂

    Best, Bob

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