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Countdown to OAuthcalypse

Mashable Co-Editor, Ben Parr, recently posted about Twitter’s upcoming move to turn off basic authentication for apps…

In 9 weeks, 3 days and some change, Twitter will turn off basic authentication for apps, making OAuth the only way to connect to Twitter applications. The Twitter API team has even launched a countdown to what it calls “OAuthcalypse.”

Currently, there are two ways to connect to apps: basic authentication, where you provide your username and password to a third party, and OAuth, which allows you to connect to apps without giving away your account information. As part of a move to make Twitter more secure and stable, basic authentication will be removed on June 30th. Apps will no longer be allowed to ask for your username and password.

You can continue reading Parr’s post on Mashable here.

I’m happy to see that Twitter is focusing on making its platform more secure. With Facebook’s recent ‘Instant Personalization’ feature and Blippy exposing users’ credit card information, at least one social network is working with us to be secure online.


LinkedIn Upgrades: A New Appeal for Businesses

LinkedIn Upgrades: A New Appeal for Businesses – Website Magazine

When the conversation turns to social networking, Facebook and Twitter are the two most often discussed. For some reason, LinkedIn is often left out of the discussion. That might be due, in part, to its past lack of focus on sharing content. Sure, LinkedIn has positioned itself as a place to connect with other professionals and industries, but few have considered it a “social” experience on par with Facebook. That’s about to change. And LinkedIn’s prior reputation could actually be a great benefit to the company and users alike.

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Facebook Teams Up with Microsoft on

Facebook Teams Up with Microsoft on

Mark Zuckerburg announced today on the stage of f8, the Facebook developer conference, that Facebook will be launching a collaborative document-editing tool with Microsoft –

Blog post by Mashable social media journalist, Jolie O’Dell.

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Facebook “Likes” World Domination

No need to become a fan on Facebook anymore, just “Like” your favorite business. Start with us!

Facebook “Likes” World Domination

Facebook will host its F8 developer conference this Wednesday, outlining its plans to further its influence across the web.

Those plans include a web-wide “Like” button and a social toolbar for your website, The New York Times reports.

It’s all part of Facebook’s plan to follow you around the web…

Blog post by Mashable CEO and founder, Pete Cashmore (my social media man-crush)

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Twitter Launching ‘Points of Interest’

Here we go… Twitter will be ranking right up there with the location-based social networks soon!

Twitter Launching “Points of Interest” to Tie Tweets to Places

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Local Search Marketing using Foursquare

This is why Foursquare is not only so flippin’ cool, but super important for companies:

Google maps and now Bing maps are showcasing Foursquare venues when people search locally…Google is starting to use the tips and shouts from Foursquare venues for citations about your business.  If you haven’t heard, citations are used in the rank algorithm.  This is why Yelp and Google Local reviews are so powerful and sought after.

Foursquare venue pages are ranking in search results.  It has your business name, address and again links to your Foursquare venue page which also has your phone number.

Read the rest of Chuck Reynolds’ article here.

Bye bye Bebo?

I’ve had a Bebo account for a couple of years and done nothing with it. I created a “work” Bebo account recently while doing some social media/social network searching, and still have done nothing with it.

AOL Plans to Sell or Shutter $850 Million Bebo Acquisition

Poor America Online. After paying $850 million for the Bebo social network in 2008, the company now admits it can’t afford to keep the site running and will try to sell it soon. If that fails, AOL will close Bebo down entirely, according to an internal memo AOL provided to

Read More @ Wired:

What Social Media Ad Types Work Best?

What Social Media Ad Types Work Best? [STATS]

As time spent on social networking sites increases, advertisers are funneling more ad dollars into campaigns targeting users on those platforms.

But what type of ads on Facebook or other social networks work the best?

Read Mashable writer Christina Warren‘s full article here.

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Twitter Unveils New Homepage

When I logged onto Twitter this morning, I noticed a new homepage… After glancing over the new features briefly, I logged in and went about my tweeting. Later I stumbled upon the following article on Mashable:

Twitter has just rolled out a new homepage that non-logged in users see when they visit It features scrolling trending topics, “top tweets” (a tweet from Justin Bieber was the first one I saw… go figure), and a “who’s here” with avatars of well-known users and brands that are on the microblogging service.

Check out the rest of Mashable writer Adam Ostrow’s article here.

Facebook Filing for Trademarks

Facebook has lately been ramping up efforts to obtain registered trademarks in the United States and other countries and regions for a number of products and services it offers or intends to offer in the future.

Fresh off the heels of applying for a trademark for Credits, its virtual payment system, the company is now attempting to gain exclusive rights to the use of the term “Facebook Developer Garage”.

Check out the rest of Robin Wauters’ article on TechCrunch here.