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Social Media + Business = ROI

I think it is safe to say that businesses can benefit from Social Media Marketing.  Our company already does SMM for some of our clients and they are seeing good results.  I have, however, heard the argument that retail stores and companies with products benefit more from a social media presence rather than the B2B companies that offer services.  What are your thoughts?  Does your company use SMM to reach your clients/customers?  If so, what do you do?  We encourage our clients to have a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, and sometimes a YouTube channel.  These are the ‘big dogs’ of social networking and seem to be the best outlet for companies to reach new leads and potential clients.



After keeping numerous tabs open all day on two different browser windows (thank goodness I have two monitors here at work!), I have finally gone through all of the social media news articles I stumbled upon today. Coincidentally enough, I decided to add the ones I wish to read again or more in-depth to my stumbler account. So, check out my page and see what all I found today!