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Stuff I Like

Stuff I Like

Peacock I love reading tips from bloggers who have ‘made it’ in the blogosphere. You know, the ‘big guys’ like Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki and my favorite social media blogger, Pete Cashmore.  These guys (and many others) know what they’re doing and their blogs are read by millions every day.

While working on a couple of blogs for work this morning, I came across several posts from Chris Brogan that were very useful. The first post offers suggestions and helpful hints on how to blog almost every day. Brogan offers tips like:

Find 20-40 minutes in every day to sit still and type.

Get the post up fast, not perfect. You can edit if you have to, later.

Mix things up by sometimes blogging on paper first.

As the sole person responsible for my company’s in-house marketing, I am in charge of posting on several blogs and have been working on a better schedule for my daily blogging efforts. Brogan’s thoughts on this, as well as his blogging secrets are great for people like myself who sometimes hit blogger’s block.

I also like peacocks, but that story is for another day…


Social Media Achievement

Obviously I am obsessed with all things social media, otherwise this blog would not exist. Well, I am happy to say that my obsession has finally paid off because {big announcer voice} ebasedBOB’s Social Media Marketing Blog has made it on to Alltop!!!! That’s right, my lil’ ol’ blog actually made it on to Alltop’s list of “Top Social Media News”! Go ahead, take a look for yourself, or do a search for ‘ebasedBOB’ and you’ll find me listed under ‘Social Media’. Pretty cool, huh?

Confirmation that I kick ass!

Blogging my way into the social media world

Recently I have been diving into the social media world even more so than I am already. It is amazing how quickly social networking has taken off and it is continuing to grow every day. I remember setting up my first MySpace account and thinking how great it was to connect with friends. Nowadays my MySpace page has been deleted, but I’m on Facebook and Twitter everyday, and have just started using new social network applications this week like foursqaure and Get Glue.

I have also been reading a number of articles lately regarding social media and social networking from sites such as Mashable and AllTop. Both have sections on their sites dedicated solely to Social Media containing hundreds of articles on the topic.

With all of this social buzz going on around me I decided to start this blog to share my own thoughts on the topic, as well as post articles and applications that I find most useful.