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I have been overloaded with social media news articles today! So much, in fact, that my next post may just be snippets from the series of articles I have read today. There is an overwhelming amount of information (and opinions) coming out everyday on social media and social networks.

We’ll see what I am able to digg through and put up before the end of the day…


The “new” Digg

It’s funny I stumbled upon this article from Mashable because we were discussing Digg earlier at work in our Monday morning Social Media meeting.

The days of the Digg homepage as we know it – the most recently popular stories on the service as a whole – are numbered. The site is shifting towards a personalization model, where the homepage will be based on characters like a user’s interests, location, who they follow not only on Digg but services like Twitter and Facebook, and other “signals” from around the web like retweets, Facebook shares, and more.

It looks like Digg will be even more useful as the new site/platform roll out in the coming weeks…