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Foursquare Day – The Aftermath

One of the Foursquare Day Team members, @MissDestructo, posted a great blog about the aftermath of the first social media holiday today:

Foursquare Day was last Friday, did you hear about it? Many people that did thought there was a powerhouse viral marketing hot shots or a high priced PR firm behind the scenes of this global social media celebration. would hate to burst your bubble, but reality just checked in and there’s a new mayor in town…

Read the rest of Miss Destructo‘s post here.


Foursquare Day

Happy Foursquare Day one and all!!!!

What is Foursquare Day, you ask?  Where have you been?!  This special social media holiday was thought up and started by an optometrist in Tampa, FL named Nathan-Bonilla Warford.  You can read the full “4SQDay Story” on the official 4SQday Blog.  In all, it’s pretty cool that social media is able to connect so many people globally.

Although our city didn’t have ANY Foursquare events planned (social media FAIL!), I created a Foursquare Day Special for my company: http://4sqday.com/event/ebased so we could be involved.  As the sole ‘social media guru’ at the office, I am SUPER EXCITED about Foursquare Day!!!!