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Social Media Sum-Up

Social Media Sum-Up

I didn’t realize it had been well over a week since my last post, but moving our office location put me behind. So, this post will be a summary of what’s been happening this week in the social media world. 🙂


As if Facebook didn’t already have millions ‘like’-ing this and that, the company recently added the ability to ‘Like’ users’ comments. That’s right. Now when your friends leave a witty comment on another friend’s status update, you can let the world know you like their comment enough to ‘Like’ it on Facebook.

Twitter Places

Twitter launched their new ‘places’ feature last week.

After months of rumors and hinting, Twitter has unveiled its major new foray into the world of geolocation, Twitter Places…

…Twitter Places can be explored and will reveal a list of recent, public tweets from that location. Twitter will also show you nearby locations and points of interest, including restaurants and shops.

Twitter Places will be integrated with Foursquare and Gowalla as well.

For more info on Twitter Places, read Jolie O’Dell’s post on Mashable.

Google Voice – “in short, less annoyances and more awesomeness.”

Google Voice is now available to everyone in the U.S., which means you don’t have to wait around any longer for your invitation to arrive. I’ve been using Google Voice for a couple of months now and have really enjoyed it. What I like most is the fact that I can miss a call and immediately receive a text and email of the missed caller’s voicemail transcribed a la the Google Voice robots. Sure, some of the transcriptions come out a little botchy, but they usually make me laugh.

There’s a great video about Google Voice, as well as more details on this great tool, that you can check out over on Mashable in Christina Warren’s post.


Photo Uploads Coming To Foursquare

SFGate.com Business Insider writer Nicholas Carlson, reports that photo uploads are coming to Foursquare.

I love posting pics on Facebook, but I’m not sure if I would be as apt to put photos on Foursquare. If I could share pics through something like TwitPic, however, I may enjoy doing that and see how it could integrate with Foursquare easily.

[Foursquare CEO] Dennis [Crowley] didn’t tell us when to expect the new feature.

It might be a while. We get the feeling there’s white board somewhere at Foursquare HQ with a list about four feet long of features Dennis’s team is planning to build.

If we were designing a photo tool for Foursquare, we would build it to integrate with Facebook’s photos application. It would be fantastic for Foursquare’s growth if users were able to upload geo-tagged photo-albums to Facebook through the Foursquare app.

Foursquare Gets Mainstream Exposure on “The Today Show”

Foursquare has scored itself another partnership, this time with NBC’s The Today Show. Foursquare users who head to 30 Rock this summer for the Toyota Concert Series on Today will be able to check in, earn badges and compete for mayorships. The Today Show has its own branded Foursquare partner page that you can also visit to get music tips and other assorted information.

Check out the show clip and Christina Warren‘s full post on Mashable.

4 Ways Foursquare Can Improve Your Workplace

I found the following post on Mashable this morning and shared it immediately because it has such valuable information for businesses regarding the power (and persuasion) of social media networks like Foursquare… Hours later I’m just now editing my initial share to include a little blurb and my own thoughts. 😛

4 Ways Foursquare Can Improve Your Workplace

It’s amazing how fast a social network can catch on. The most recent example is Foursquare. Co-founder Dennis Crowley recently announced they added almost 100,000 users in the ten days following SXSW. You might be tempted to write it off as a fad, but remember: Twitter started in a very similar way.

For those of you not familiar with Foursquare, let’s start at the beginning. It’s a location-based social network that combines your friends, location and status, meaning it allows me to tell my friends where I am and what I’m doing. The interesting thing about Foursquare is that this happens in a pseudo-game format. When I check-in at places, I get points. After multiple check-ins, I get badges. And I can see how many points I have in comparison to my friends.

While many are talking about the benefits of Foursquare as a marketing tool, don’t forget some of the same concepts can be applied to the internal workforce…

Posted using ShareThis. Read more of Sharlyn Lauby‘s post here on Mashable.

I think Sharlyn’s ‘4 Ways’ are beneficial for any business wanting to get more involved with their employees, customers, and of course the world of social media:

  1. Orientation – for students or company employees (old and new)
  2. Making Work Easier – for engaging your customers
  3. Recognition – I’m the Mayor of 27 places and I love it!
  4. Morale – positive work environments = more productive workers

For more workplace tips and great advice, follow Sharlyn on Twitter: @hrbartender

Social Media Targeting Local Businesses

Following in the footsteps of both Foursquare and Google, Facebook is now sending their own window decals to local businesses to display, so their patrons will ‘Like’ them.

Mashable Associate Editor, Jennifer Van Grove blogged yesterday about Facebook’s latest local marketing effort:

This first step toward serving local businesses is an extremely smart maneuver very much like Google’s Place Pages offering. Also, the day that Facebook correlates your physical location in the real world with their local business Pages does not seem too far off.

Jenn goes on to say that “Facebook’s more than 400 million userbase and the value of an instant Fan will make [this] offering especially appealing to local business owners.”

I know it’s important for local businesses to brand themselves on the big social media networks such as Facebook, as well as on the up-and-comers like Foursquare, however, how many social media window decal do local businesses need?

If your business is not on the social network bandwagon yet, it’s not too late. Let our internet marketing specialists help you devise a social media marketing plan!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off | On Location Foursquare Badge | Explore Chicago

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off | On Location Foursquare Badge | Explore Chicago

A co-worker passed this on to me and I was super excited! Chicago’s Office of Tourism has truly taken the social media plunge…

In John Hughes’ 1986 comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, three friends – Ferris (Matthew Broderick), Cameron (Alan Ruck) and Sloane (Mia Sara) – show just how much fun you can have in Chicago in a single day. We challenge you to create your own “day off” as you earn Explore Chicago’s On Location Foursquare Badge

We’re thinking we need to create an On Location Foursquare Badge for exploring the Queen City – Hello Talladega Nights! LOL

Foursquare Day – The Aftermath

One of the Foursquare Day Team members, @MissDestructo, posted a great blog about the aftermath of the first social media holiday today:

Foursquare Day was last Friday, did you hear about it? Many people that did thought there was a powerhouse viral marketing hot shots or a high priced PR firm behind the scenes of this global social media celebration. would hate to burst your bubble, but reality just checked in and there’s a new mayor in town…

Read the rest of Miss Destructo‘s post here.

Foursquare Day

Happy Foursquare Day one and all!!!!

What is Foursquare Day, you ask?  Where have you been?!  This special social media holiday was thought up and started by an optometrist in Tampa, FL named Nathan-Bonilla Warford.  You can read the full “4SQDay Story” on the official 4SQday Blog.  In all, it’s pretty cool that social media is able to connect so many people globally.

Although our city didn’t have ANY Foursquare events planned (social media FAIL!), I created a Foursquare Day Special for my company: http://4sqday.com/event/ebased so we could be involved.  As the sole ‘social media guru’ at the office, I am SUPER EXCITED about Foursquare Day!!!!

Local Search Marketing using Foursquare

This is why Foursquare is not only so flippin’ cool, but super important for companies:

Google maps and now Bing maps are showcasing Foursquare venues when people search locally…Google is starting to use the tips and shouts from Foursquare venues for citations about your business.  If you haven’t heard, citations are used in the rank algorithm.  This is why Yelp and Google Local reviews are so powerful and sought after.

Foursquare venue pages are ranking in search results.  It has your business name, address and again links to your Foursquare venue page which also has your phone number.

Read the rest of Chuck Reynolds’ article here.

Location Based Social Networks

Location based social networks are becoming more and more apparent each day. Some people like foursquare, while others are devout brightkite fans. Well, the guys over at Init Labs have now come up with Checkin Mania. According to the Checkin Mania site, “Checkin Mania is a mashup to track who is checking in various locations around you using the popular location based social media apps.”

You can read more about this new project on the Checkin Mania tumblr blog here.

What are your thoughts on location based social networks?