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Social Media Targeting Local Businesses

Following in the footsteps of both Foursquare and Google, Facebook is now sending their own window decals to local businesses to display, so their patrons will ‘Like’ them.

Mashable Associate Editor, Jennifer Van Grove blogged yesterday about Facebook’s latest local marketing effort:

This first step toward serving local businesses is an extremely smart maneuver very much like Google’s Place Pages offering. Also, the day that Facebook correlates your physical location in the real world with their local business Pages does not seem too far off.

Jenn goes on to say that “Facebook’s more than 400 million userbase and the value of an instant Fan will make [this] offering especially appealing to local business owners.”

I know it’s important for local businesses to brand themselves on the big social media networks such as Facebook, as well as on the up-and-comers like Foursquare, however, how many social media window decal do local businesses need?

If your business is not on the social network bandwagon yet, it’s not too late. Let our internet marketing specialists help you devise a social media marketing plan!


LinkedIn Upgrades: A New Appeal for Businesses

LinkedIn Upgrades: A New Appeal for Businesses – Website Magazine

When the conversation turns to social networking, Facebook and Twitter are the two most often discussed. For some reason, LinkedIn is often left out of the discussion. That might be due, in part, to its past lack of focus on sharing content. Sure, LinkedIn has positioned itself as a place to connect with other professionals and industries, but few have considered it a “social” experience on par with Facebook. That’s about to change. And LinkedIn’s prior reputation could actually be a great benefit to the company and users alike.

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Facebook “Likes” World Domination

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Facebook “Likes” World Domination

Facebook will host its F8 developer conference this Wednesday, outlining its plans to further its influence across the web.

Those plans include a web-wide “Like” button and a social toolbar for your website, The New York Times reports.

It’s all part of Facebook’s plan to follow you around the web…

Blog post by Mashable CEO and founder, Pete Cashmore (my social media man-crush)

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I have been overloaded with social media news articles today! So much, in fact, that my next post may just be snippets from the series of articles I have read today. There is an overwhelming amount of information (and opinions) coming out everyday on social media and social networks.

We’ll see what I am able to digg through and put up before the end of the day…

Inspiration + Humor = Christiaan Van Vuuren

Earlier today I stumbled upon Chris Hardwick’s Twitter profile, which then lead me to his blog site, The Nerdest. While scrolling through Chris’s posts I came across “The Quarantine Song”, about an Australian bloke named Christiaan Van Vuuren who has dubbed himself the Fully Sick Rapper. After reading his story and finding out more about Christiaan, I had to post about his situation; not only because of his creative videos on YouTube, but because this guy is using social networking to reach out to the world he is currently unable to be a part of.

Check out his first video below, then find him on all the social networks in the links above…

What an impressive and creative way to cope with a situation like this! I’m subscribed to and following all of Christiaan’s social networks now and am looking forward to keeping up with his progress… And I can’t wait to see more videos by him!

*March 24 is World TB Day! For more information about TB, check out http://www.worldtbday.org

Profile of a twitter user

Profile of a twitter user, originally uploaded by GDS Digital.

Very funny… Which user are you?

The New Dork

This video came out well over a week ago, but I have to post it on my social media blog because it is just too good to not share. Thanks to Mashable for posting it for all us “new dorks” to see, and a BIG thank you to the awesome guys behind it!!!!

This is a Pantless Knights tribute to our favorite entrepreneurs (who are all “new dorks”). It’s a spoof of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind,” from the guys behind Grasshopper.com (thank you!). We made it because there’s a new type of dork that is cooler than ever. Look at tech entrepreneurs, hipsters, Computer Science Barbie – they’re all super popular new dorks!

My favorite line (among many): “Social networks – what dreams are made of…”

Managing your Social Networks

I’ve been using both Ping.fm and HootSuite to manage my professional social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). I started off with Ping, but have mostly been using HootSuite since last week.

I see pros and cons for both and actually presented my own comparisons to a few co-workers this morning during our Social Media meeting. Our company is beginning to manage social networks for our clients, so I am researching the ever-changing social media world all day.

I appreciate all of the social networks that Ping supports, however, HootSuite has been more user-friendly for me, and seems to be faster with updating overall.

Do you manage your social networks? What platform do you like best? Are there better social networking management systems out there than Ping.fm or HootSuite?

Facebook to Launch Location Features Next Month

An announcement like this wouldn’t normally intrigue me, however, now that I am becoming more familiar with Foursquare, adding something like this to my Facebook is exciting…

Facebook’s move into location has seemed inevitable for some time, and it now appears that the company will officially reveal its plans at next month’s Facebook developer conference – f8.

According to The New York Times, the social network will incorporate location in two ways: (1) its own features for sharing location and (2) APIs to let other apps – presumably the likes of Foursquare and Gowalla – offer location services to Facebook users.

Read more about Facebook’s location feature launch here.

5 Tips For A Steamy Relationship With Social Media Marketing

Jody Raines (@SunSwept) posted a great article on the WebMarCom Blog last week regarding the HOT trend of Social Media Marketing. Being a huge fan of Social Media Marketing myself, I had to share:

So, you’ve been eying social media, have you? It’s sexy, hot and young, I don’t blame you. What a seductive approach to communicate…

Yes, its fast. But not necessarily cheap or easy.
Social media demands your attention.

But does all that attention mean giving up your current relationship with traditional media? Not necessarily…

Read more of the article and Jody’s 5 tips here.